• Making Memories

    A child's academic journey is a remarkable adventure filled with exciting events and notable experiences. At M Imaging we make those milestone last forever with the magic of photography.
M Imaging specializes in school photography.

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Watch Your Little One Develop Through Photos

M Imaging helps you to document each of your child’s milestones.

Serving in schools all over in Karachi, Pakistan, we are ready to take all kinds of pictures of and for your bright and young students.

Meet the Photographer

Muniza Shahid

Muniza Shahid knack for photography started as a hobby more than 40 years ago when her first Hanimex camera was gifted to her. It did not take long before this vocation transformed into a passion that ultimately guided her career path. Today, she is a dedicated photographer with more than 20 years of experience in both professional and freelance photography and in taking high-quality digital photos. To her, photography is the art of capturing moments and reconstructing them into memories that live on forever.